Steps to run ads on YouTube

If you are looking for a way to get more exposure and reach your target audience, then running ads in YouTube can be the perfect solution, but what are the steps needed to run these ads in a successful way? In this article, we will highlight some of the key steps to running ads on YouTube.


 The importance of ads in YouTube

YouTube ads are one of the most important means of digital marketing, as millions of users continue to watch videos on this platform every day and with so many users, running ads on YouTube can help you increase audience engagement and boost your brand awareness.


Benefits of running ads on YouTube

 By running ads, you can reach a wide diverse audience and your ads are not limited to viewers in a specific region, but can reach viewers from all over the world.


YouTube allows you to target your desired audience precisely, as you can specify criteria such as geographic location, age group, and interests to ensure that your ads reach the right people.


 The YouTube platform provides detailed analytics that help you measure the performance of your ads and know the percentage of reach, viewership, and interaction with ads and this enables you to improve your marketing strategies and achieve better results.


YouTube provides a variety of ad formats that you can use to promote your products or services, such as short video ads or checkout card ads.


Steps to run ads on YouTube

Through the following paragraphs, here are the full steps that you must follow

1 – Create an account on the platform

– Visit YouTube and log into your account and if you do not have an account yet, you must create a new one.

2 – Choose the type of advertisement


 Display ads:

– These ads are shown while watching videos and viewers can skip these ads after five seconds and they are often used to increase brand awareness and attract more viewers.


TrueView Ads:

– These ads appear before or while watching a video and only a fee is paid if the viewer is interested and clicks on the ad to watch and these ads can be bypassed after five seconds.


Bumper ads:

These ads are very short, up to six seconds long and these ads cannot be bypassed and they are often used to post short, original and engaging messages.



Important information about YouTube campaigns

Through the following paragraphs, we provide you with the most important information and details about YouTube campaigns


 Ad Campaign Creation:

Determine your campaign goal, such as increasing video views or increasing sales.

Choose the geographic and demographic target you wish to target.

Set your campaign budget and schedule ads.


 Create your ad:

Create the video you’d like to use in your ad.

Upload the video to your YouTube account.


Run your campaign:

Run your ad campaign and monitor ad performance over time.

Use analytics to understand viewers’ interaction with your ad.


Top tips for successful ads on YouTube

 Before creating any advertisement, you must know very well who is the target audience for your product or service and find information that helps you understand their interests and needs, and use this information to craft your message in a way that will capture their attention.


The title of the video is an important factor in attracting viewers.

Use attractive and interesting phrases, and show the benefit that the audience will get from watching the video.


Produce attractive and interesting content, which may carry an advertising message but draw attention and attract viewers.


Picture and sound quality are essential to a successful YouTube ad and enhance the video’s sound and image so that they are attractive and eye-catching.

Effects and animations can help add value to your ad and make it more interesting and use these elements with caution and in proportion to the nature of your product or service.


Remember that viewers on YouTube have many options to watch, so you need to capture their attention within the first seconds of the start of the video.



Disadvantages of ads on the YouTube platform

One of the biggest drawbacks is the length of the ads.

When advertising causes a negative impact on viewers’ experience, they may lose interest in watching the essential content and they may get bored and overwhelmed when a long ad plays before watching their favorite video.

Viewers sometimes have to skip ads by pressing the “Skip Ad” button seconds after they start playing and in the event that the user neglects to skip it, he may get minutes of advertisements that he did not want to see.


This may lead to user discomfort and reduce the positive experience that viewers expect on the YouTube platform.


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